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Monte Faito

Monte Faito is 1131 meters high and is one of the peaks of Monti Lattari, mountain group Preappennino field that forms the backbone of the Sorrento Peninsula, from the saddle of Cava dei Tirreni at the southern end of Punta Campanella.

Made up mainly of limestone rocks, the slope of the Gulf of Salerno is characterized by very steep walls of the sea. Its name comes from the dialect word "beech forest" because the territory is rich precisely beech as well as oak and chestnut trees.
It 'reached by cable car Faito that from Castellammare di Stabia in just eight minutes to reach the top or side car from Vico Equense.

In the last three weekends of the month of October there is the traditional Chestnut Festival, organized by the town of Vico Equense, just because most of the territory of Faito belongs to this town.

On top of the mountain stands the church of San Michele, whose name comes from an appearance of the Archangel Michael on nearby Mount Molar.
And 'possible during the span of the entire year make hiking trails along the mountain's natural and historic character.