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It is very close to Castellammare, located at the foot of the Monti Lattari , better known as the city of "macaroni", famous for this world, their production in fact goes back to the sixteenth century when the first pasta family.

Gragnano was already famous for the production of textiles, but the production of macaroni became really important only from the mid-seventeenth century, when the vast majority of Gragnano is dedicated to the production of pasta. The production of so-called "white gold" was and is favored by the particular climatic conditions, as a light moist air that allows the slow drying of macaroni. The pasta-making industry was aided by thirty watermills and the ruins of some of these you can be seen in the "valley of mills". The golden age of Gragnano pasta is the nineteenth century, in fact in this century were large pasta factories run so unfamiliar that became the center of Gragnano. still continues to be the city of pasta aiming for quality production and offering tours to discover the production of the pasta that made Gragnano famous all over the world.

The City well as for the pasta is also famous for the wine. The wine was already produced in Roman times and famous are its wineries. The characteristics of the wine of Gragnano are a ruby red color of varying intensity, a lively foam evanescent, intense aroma, fruity, crisp, fruity and medium-bodied. 
It is listed among the young red wines that among those wines to be drunk from the beginning of the first year following the harvest. Although the color is a wine to be served cold cellar after it aired for a good hour, the right glass is a glass of limited size.

Gragnano also boasts a production of fabrics, especially swimwear, is the "Positano fashion". The costumes that account for about 20% of national production, are produced in small workshops family scattered throughout the municipality.

Another important tradition is the panuozzo, one of the most recent, is a specialty food born in the mid-80s and is one of the baked goods. At that time in Gragnano there were less than ten pizzerias, that with the advent of new cuisine, then with a staggering increase of guests from all over the surrounding area of the province of Naples, in just two decades have passed fifty units number.