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You can not name the city without the mind runs immediately to the world famous Chateau Bourbon Charles III wanted to build in 1752, driven by the desire to get even the pomp of the royal palace of Versailles. Author of the project was the architect Luigi Vanvitelli, which the monarch asked specifically not to spare themselves in grandeur, because the residence was to become the symbol of the new Bourbon kingdom. Commission performed to perfection by Vanvitelli, who made one of the most beautiful in Europe, now a UNESCO world heritage site. The complex, supreme example of Italian baroque, covers an area of almost fifty thousand square meters and includes a huge park.

Unforgettable is a visit to “Caserta vecchia”, one of the most charming medieval villages and well preserved in Italy. Here, between paved streets, palazi noble and ancient churches, still feels the strong presence of the old traditions. A “Caserta vecchia” in summer there is the festival of music, theater and dance called "Settembre al Borgo"