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The main center and the soul of the coast is Amalfi. In the serene sky and sea, Amalfi, guarded by its port, seems held in a hand. On top the scenery of the mountains, hinged like a backdrop, dotted with houses; below, a picturesque plot of vicole and stairs up to the large square where the famous steps from the Cathedral dominates majestic. A unique scene, where historic memory intertwines with unforgettable natural beauty.

Suspended between the slopes of Lattari Mountains and the sea, the pittoreschji alleys of Amalfi today host a large number of tourists, but once they have experienced the splendor of the powerful Marine Republic had its moment of maximum splendor between the X and XII century, and he could hold off the Lombards and Saracens. Rich and populated Amalfi enjoyed lively attvissimi with the East. In memory of power every four years in June, Amalfi holds the "Historic Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics".

An exploration of Amalfi that want to go beyond the most popular places will have to include the Ancient Arsenal, where they built the famous galleys with more than 100 rowing, loaded with goods destined for eastern markets.